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Identify Ceramic Tableware Has The Trick

- Feb 12, 2018-

Identify ceramic tableware has the trick, today Xiaobian introduce for everyone, look together.

1, do not see stomatal problems In addition to safety concerns, the use of ceramic tableware is equally important. Suggest that you can diagonally lay the tableware, so that the light hitting the above, the blemishes can glance, all the surface with small pores, raised, falling slag, the cup inside the bottom uneven surface and other issues, will give The future use and cleaning inconvenience, it is best not to buy.

2, touch non-smooth Do not touch the surface of ceramic tableware, if the above is prominent bulge, it can be simply judged as glaze color, but also to touch the surface and the glaze is not smooth, if They are relatively rough, then that "no cooked", this product is best not to buy. If everybody cares about the problem of lead and cadmium, it is best to avoid buying tableware with flowers or full flowers on the inner wall. Although the qualified products are harmless, this will ensure foolproof.

3, percussion crisp crack cracked high-quality ceramic tableware sound should be crisp and sweet. But some products have cracks in the body, the surface can not tell, you can tap before buying, if this is the case, they will make a cloudy voice, we can easily be identified.