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Ceramic Electric Kettle

Ceramic Electric Kettle

Product name:Ceramic electric kettle
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Ceramic electric kettle:Traditional teapot body with traditional teapot design, simple pattern design, every detail, color, are fully demonstrated the essence of Chinese style, such as the breeze across the lake.

Ceramic electric kettle:Intelligent precision temperature control, the maximum water level guard, high temperature pot body, anti-dry protection, running lights.

Brand Name:

Ceramic electric kettle


Ceramic, porcelain



Tea tray size:


The inner diameter:





Carton with thick foam

Leading time

15-20days based on your order


LC,TT,West Union,Paypal

Ceramic electric kettle Instructions


1) Cut off the power before loading water

2) open the lid of the water, water, please do not forget to close the lid, or water can not automatically jump off

3) The minimum water content of not less than 0.5L, to avoid heating the chassis dry state

4) The maximum amount of water should not exceed the instructions to avoid excessive water to prevent boiling water overflow kettle

Boil water

1) Place the kettle with water on the base and plug it in

2) Press the switch button on the handle, in the on position, then the kettle work, the indicator light, when the water pot to open, the button switch will automatically jump


If you need to boil again, wait 25 - 30 seconds to turn the switch on again, if forced to hold the switch, will destroy the working principle of electric kettle


Please do not immerse the kettle in any liquid. The kettle can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The power must be cut off before cleaning. Do not wash with a corrosive cleaning agent

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