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ceramic watch

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Zirconia ceramics are known as "ceramic steels" due to their transformation toughening properties. They are known to have the best overall strength and toughness properties in oxide ceramics.

Ceramic watch - Features

Gloss, high hardness, no rust stain, no stain, stable chemical properties. Ceramic hand ceramic watch watch The new watch case and strap are used such as zirconia and cermet and other ceramic materials. Compared to watches made of stainless steel, the weight of the ceramic watch is reduced by about 60%. The hardness of the watch is about 10 times that of stainless steel. It is also resistant to rust and heat. It has a high hardness and never wears. The advantages of never fade or damage the skin.

Ceramic watch - how it works

Watch working principle, watch is a precision instrument used to indicate the time, the principle of the instrument is the use of a constant cycle, continuous vibration of the vibration system as a standard. If you know the time (vibration period) required for a vibration system to complete a full vibration and calculate the number of vibrations, then the time it takes after so many vibrations is equal to the vibration period times the number of vibrations.