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Knowledge Of Ceramic Fruit Knife

- Apr 27, 2018-

1, beautiful: the natural white jade, jade luster, can be processed into a mirror, you can also be made with a bright color knife, you can make plastic, sandalwood, ebony, metal materials of various handles; The laser marks its name and the name of the company on the knife surface. It can also be patterned to add beauty and interest.

2. Fashion: Ceramic knives are now called “noble knives”, and many people in developed countries in Europe, America, and Japan now use ceramic knives; ceramic knives are a trend instead of metal knives, and are used as early as fashion.

3, health: ceramics have a history of more than a thousand years, ceramics, stable performance, difficult to change, do not react with food, does not affect the color and taste of food.

Let's do an experiment: cut the fruit with ordinary metal knife and ceramic knife. Using ordinary metal knife to cut fruit, usually you will find that the surface of fruits such as apples or pears quickly becomes dark, because the fruit itself reacts with the chemical components of the air. However, if you cut fruit with a ceramic knife, you will find that the depth of the surface of the fruit is very slow or not visible at all. Why is this. When the ordinary metal fruit knife cuts fruit, the metal surface and the fruit itself are also reacting, but generally, we cannot see it. In fact, this is harmful to the human body. Moreover, the contact with metal accelerates the rate of oxidation of fruit by the air. The ceramic knife does not have any reaction with the fruit, but will not accelerate the oxidation rate of fruit and air. Therefore, the fruit cut with ceramic fruit is certainly beautiful!

4, health: ceramic surface smooth, surface is not easy to absorb food particles, easy to clean, porcelain bowl than stainless steel bowl is good to wash this; at the same time it does not rust oxidation, not afraid of acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, everlasting color, so that there is health rest assured.

5. Sharpness: The first condition for making a knife is to have high hardness. The hardness of the steel knife is Vickers HV700, and the hardness of the ceramic knife is HV1100; therefore, the ceramic knife is sharper than the steel knife.

6, wear: because the hardness is high so wear; wear resistance is 60 times that of steel knife, it can be said is never worn, always Bao sharp; steel knife with a long time, the surface will be no gloss, and ceramic knife wear, You can always keep the bright colors.

7, high temperature: the melting point of zirconia is 2677 °C, the melting point of steel is 1400 °C.

8, light: the density of steel is 7.85, ceramic knife density is 6.0, the use of more light and flexible, hand fatigue.

9, experience science and technology: Now the material of the three pillars are: books, ceramics, polymers (plastic); zirconia ceramic material is a high-tech high-performance ceramic materials, is to solve the aerospace, aviation and military problems. The development of new materials, the use of ceramic knives is to experience the material technology, playing ceramic knives is to play technology products.