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The Use Of Ceramic Knife Matters Needing Attention

- Apr 29, 2018-

A. The first hardness is not toughness. The hardness of ceramics is very high and therefore very sharp, but it is also less brittle than metal tools. Therefore, when using it, care should be taken not to cut hard foods such as bones. At the same time, we must also be careful not to take cut-out pumpkins. Large melons such as large melons and watermelons are also avoided. Not because it cannot be cut, but after it is cut, the external pressure will grip the ceramic knife tightly, because it is difficult for the person to force the vertical downward accurately, it will inevitably shake right and left, this time it may cause ceramics. The knife collapsed. Just pay attention to the above two points, ceramic knife is still very easy to use.

B. Please do not use it on Chinese style wood cutting board and bamboo cutting board. Chinese style cutting board usually uses hard wood such as iron wood because it will bear the power of cutting down. Many of them are treated with foam oil and are very hard, especially After a period of use, using a magnifying glass to look at is very dense and small wood sawtooth, such a cutting board is very harmful to the cutter, even if the metal cutter, most of the wear and tear is also from the wood cutting board instead of ingredients. Due to the damage to the tool foreign countries have gradually eliminated the wood cutting board, but the domestic relationship between the bones often have to use, but please try to avoid using a ceramic knife on the wooden cutting board, be sure to use, please use as much as possible "Press" instead of "saw".

C, ceramic knife is not completely replace the metal tool, but more than 50% of the work is completed than the metal tool is good, it is recommended to use ceramic knife and metal knife.

D. Keep it in a place away from children, and do not put it in a hot place to avoid deformation of the resin.