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How does the choice of ceramic home decoration make colour and lustre collocation

- Sep 02, 2017 -

We all know that when the new home is decorated, the color of the theme that is decorated is very big to the effect of the whole effect. As people living standard rise, people more hope can through some jewelry ornament lets the home looks more delicate, more comfortable, more expensive, so people began to focus on the ceramic products, lighting or the floor, and so on, these will add some elegant breath!

We first came up out of ceramic tile, if want to carry on the floor finish, want to consider the basic style of whole room, ceramic tile is basically good hardness, and high resistance to wear, use effect is good, so it is best to contracted is given priority to, can highlight the effect of the atmosphere! Also want to consider the tonal of furniture, if the floor of light color, can consider the household of light color, this does not appear abrupt, monotonous some! Best choice for some lamp act the role ofing, is bright, don't choose a few cold rub off, avoid family atmosphere, especially in some room daylighting is bad, lamp act the role ofing is to choose the best bright color of ceramic lamp, so that we can add the brightness of the room! Other ceramic accessories in addition to the difference on the color, also need to consider to the furniture collocation of whole family, especially the color of the floor, should try to avoid the darker furniture, floor is tie-in color deep that can appear dead room, no vitality!

Ceramic accessories in addition to the floor and lighting, there are also some ceramic countertops, if the sitting room is big, also can do a bar in the mesa ceramic material, it will be some more modern, of course, for different ceramic products, also need according to the style to match on use, decorate the best planning ahead of time the drawing, so that we can step by step in place!