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A ceramic mug of fire

- Sep 02, 2017 -

1, kiln, kiln is the most time consuming step, time process for about a day and night, at about 1300 ℃ temperature. First, kiln door, ignition kiln, fuel is loose wood, the pile work technical guidance, measure the fire, master the temperature change, decide the cease-fire time.

On 2, colored glaze, glaze, such as colorful, enamel, etc., is in the firing of porcelain glaze on pattern, colouring, again into the red furnace to burn baked at low temperature, the temperature about 700 ℃ -- 800 ℃. In addition, before the kiln, the painting on the body of the body, such as green flowers and red glaze, is known as the red glaze, which is characterized by the color of the color under the high temperature glaze and will never fade.

3, glazing: in the process of glazing, common round mouth use dip in glaze or glaze, cut or large round for blowing glaze (method is to spill covered yarn, blow with the mouth spray after dipping glaze, so repeatedly, billet surface available even thickness of glaze layer).