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Precautions when using ceramic knife

- Sep 02, 2017 -

Proper use and maintenance of the ceramic knife can make it take longer, so how can we better use it? Now let's talk about some of the things you would normally do when you use a ceramic knife.

1. Ceramic knives are not suitable for cutting hard objects such as ribs. Do not use them as cutting knives, so as to avoid cutting corners and edges.

2. The ceramic knife is very sharp, please do not put your hand on the cutting direction of the blade, so as to avoid the injury.

3. Please be careful and safe when using and cleaning after normal use.

4. Be careful not to be placed close to the fire source. The material of the handle part is easy to deform. Avoid using it on stone cutting boards and use them with antibacterial cutting boards.

5. Ceramic knives are usually very sharp, but if they are not sharp when they are open, special tools are needed to open the blade. In view of the high hardness of the precision ceramic knife, it is only suitable for special equipment polishing.