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What should you pay attention to when using ceramic mugs

- Sep 02, 2017 -

The newly bought ceramic mugs must pay attention to cleaning during the first use. Can use vinegar water to boil, so that can remove the large amount of harmful substances in the ceramic cup, can eliminate the health of the human body very good blackmail.

Especially some defect of ceramic mugs, their manufacturing skills to choose are often on the low temperature glaze color skills, see the most in life will be a few color more beautiful ceramic cup, this kind of ceramic cup of calcined temperature did not reach the specification of the rules, but in order to adhere to its color and pattern of ornamental, and on the skills of burn without advanced ceramic cup, as a result, there is a greater potential safety hazard.

In life ceramic mugs of choose and buy, be careful not to choose the glaze on the skills of ceramic mugs, and try not to purchase some wall ceramic mugs, that are rich in color so you can surely in extent, reduces the ceramic mugs and the influence of a harm to human body. Try not to use ceramic mug long dominated by the acidic food or fruit juice, because acid at high temperature on the ceramic mugs ceding more heavy metal elements, thus formed hidden danger to the health of human body.