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Ceramic mugs are widely used

- Sep 02, 2017 -

The ceramic mugs are widely used in milk, coffee, tea, and other western countries, which are also useful for drinking soup during work breaks. Ceramic mug is a kind of domestic cup, commonly used in milk, coffee, tea and hot drinks. Some western countries also use the mugs to drink soup at work. The cup is usually a standard cylindrical or cylindrical shape with a handle on one side of the body. The handle shape is usually half - ring. 

Usually made of pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, generally higher prices. Zibo boshan ship borui ceramic co., LTD. The main products are: all kinds of ceramic glaze cup, ceramic mugs, ceramic mugs, ceramic beer mug, ceramic couple cups, coffee cups and saucers, fork spoon ceramic color changing mugs, ceramic cup, ceramic sculpture cups, ceramic cup, ceramic wine set, stationery, ceramic ashtray, ceramic tableware, ceramic arts and crafts, etc.