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How to distinguish ceramic and bone China

- Sep 03, 2017 -

Ceramics are made of clay as the main raw materials and various natural minerals as well as materials and products made from milling, forming and calcining. Scientific name bone China is short for bone China, bone China, is the animals' bone coal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw material, after high temperature, and low-temperature glaze burning fire burning in a porcelain. So which of the ceramic and bone China is good? What are the differences between bone China and ceramics?

1. Weight: bone China with the same type of porcelain will be very light compared with ceramic;

2. Color: the color of bone porcelain is warm and moist, and the ceramic color is green and green

3. Permeability: it is good to see the transparency of bone China

4. Good heat preservation: compared with traditional porcelain, bone porcelain is better insulated, with better taste in coffee or tea.

5, durable, due to the bone China is different from ordinary porcelain ingredients, can do it more thin and tough wear-resisting, not easy to wear and tear, bone China at 180 ℃ and 20 ℃ water heat exchange a crack;

6, high grade: bone China is currently the only recognized in the world of high-grade porcelain, both use and double the value of art, is the symbol of power and position, is called the king of porcelain, picture do bone China would seem to be very real, very clear

7. Listen to the sound: hold the bone China in your hand, and knock down the bone China bowl with a pen or a small stick and make a sound like a bell.

8. Select a large bone China bowl, which is poured into the first section of the knuckles of the knuckles, and the finger is dipped in water and rubbing against the bowl. It will be a "squeaking" sound.