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The difference between ceramic knife and ordinary ceramics

- Sep 02, 2017 -

Ceramic knife, the main content of the zirconium dioxide, derived from zirconium gem, so also known as "zirconium gem knife", his sharpness 60 times that of steel knife, resistance to drop, never wear, is a "green, health, fashion, noble" a new era of the cutting tool. Because it can be antibacterial, lock nutrition, slice like paper, cut the onion not shed tears and so on many advantages, is popular with consumers.

Many people think that ceramic knives are the same as ordinary ceramics, so the first reaction is easy to break! Actually ceramic knife is not as fragile as general ceramics, because ceramic knife ceramic is special ceramic, its processing technology, production technology, manufacturing method and so on are completely different from ordinary ceramics.

If you accidentally fall from high to the ground using a ceramic knife, you won't break into countless pieces like ordinary ceramics. Even very hard on the ground (such as cement floor and high hardness of floor tile, etc.), high quality ceramic knife gap almost invisible, or gap is small enough to not go dispute (there may be little inferior ceramic knife blade gap), in fact, in this case the use of ordinary steel knife fell to the ground as there may be a roll become warped blade is damaged phenomenon, so in the use of any material cutting tool is to be careful, the blade is damaged small, will hurt people.

So, do you really have to be careful with ceramic knives?

Isn't. Any product design, must comply with practicality, convenience, comfort, safety, if you use a ceramic knife to like to love jewelry careful, then what is the convenience and comfort? Therefore, use ceramic knife, maintain ceramic knife just like steel knife that is ok.

High quality ceramic knife meets all the advantages of ceramic knife. Therefore, use the ceramic knife with quality, use ceramic knife correctly, can let ceramic knife exert the most utility.