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Ceramic Tea Ware Maintenance

- Sep 02, 2017 -

Ceramic tea ware is easy to form the tea scale, how to maintain our beloved ceramic tea set?

The general method of ceramic tea set maintenance is mainly in clean, because tea is easy to scale with a layer of tea, the more there is frequent talk of a tea service of tea scale thick, pure brewed tea healthier or ointment. In fact, it contains carcinogens, such as nitrite, which is clearly a threat to human health.

How to maintain the tea set is very simple, after every time after drinking tea, remember to pour out the tea, clean the tea utensils. What can keep this good habit for a long time, don't have to, cleaning tools tea keep bright luster, but there are a lot of friends are all went to rest after tea or do other things, clean the tea set things are forgotten.

After a long soak, many tea sets are in the tea color, which can't be washed away with water. At this time, the correct method of ceramic tea service can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set, with hand or cotton stick to apply the toothpaste evenly on the surface of the tea. After about a minute, wash the tea utensils with water, so that the tea stains on the tea sets are easy to clean.

It is convenient and easy to clean with toothpaste, which is convenient and simple, and can be tried by tea lovers. Tea lovers should also wash their cups. For a tea cup that has been deposited for a long time, it can be removed by repeated scrubbing of toothpaste. For a teapot that has a tea scale, heat it with rice vinegar or soak it in a baking soda for a day or night, then shake it again and again to clean it.