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The Ceramic Bowl Chooses Not To Be Cheap

- Sep 02, 2017 -

Since ancient times, ceramics technology has developed far ahead of the rest of the world. Whether it's decorative porcelain or porcelain, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect color design always make us proud. Because of the fine porcelain and the high yield of porcelain, it has cultivated the custom of Chinese people to love the ceramic bowls. Whether it's at home, in a hotel or in a small restaurant, the most exposed tableware is ceramics. It has become almost a part of our lives, inseparable.

Such a phenomenon means that the choice of ceramic bowls is important. When selecting a ceramic bowl don't showed, should pay more attention to quality, choose good quality ceramic bowl, bears on the problem of the "mouth", after all, China top ten brand production quality of the porcelain quality. In recent years, the national quality inspection scope has examined a number of ceramic cutlery due to the negative effects of lead compounds on the health and life of people. This calls for us to pay attention to quality and choose good China ware.

Ceramic need 秞, painting, a lot of inferior ceramic tableware manufacturer will choose inferior when manufacturing pigments, because many of these dyes with too much or didn't have enough time, temperature is not up to standard, when manufacturing or ventilation is to make the volatilization of materials such as lead compounds cannot effectively will produce harm to human body. A single porcelain tableware, in contrast, would be safer. When choosing, it is best to choose porcelain with a single color. You also need to see if the color of the pattern is bright, if the color is dim, the time is not likely to have harmful material residue.