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Performance Testing Of Ceramic Mug

- Sep 02, 2017 -

1. Stress test: use the root needle and add weight to the needle to see how much pressure will penetrate;

2. Falling test: the cup is packed (with filler), and it is not broken when it is high;

3. Vibration test: the cup is packed (with fillers), the six sides are vibrating, and check whether the product can handle the bad railway, road and air transportation.

4. Test data: scene method, equivalence classification method, causal graph method, false inference method, boundary value method, etc.

5. Portability: whether the cup can be used normally in different places, temperature, etc.

6. Compatibility: whether the cup can hold fruit juice, white water, alcohol, gasoline, etc. : whether the cup is hot, whether there are anti-skid measures and whether it is convenient to drink;

7. User documentation: whether the user's manual has detailed description of the usage, limitation and usage of the cup;

8. Fatigue test:

(1) fill the cup with water and set 24 hours to check the leakage time and situation;

(2) check the leakage time and conditions for 24 hours at the top of the gasoline.