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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Pottery And Porcelain

- Sep 02, 2017 -

Maybe our own ceramic products are not very well understood, even some are not familiar. So, customers and consumers in the selection of ceramic products, should focus on which several different levels? Here, we offer a few key points of carefully selected ceramic products.

One, knock

Listen to the sound of ceramics and judge how dense it is. In the principle of how to distinguish the different types of ceramic product quality standards and is there are many kinds of, one of the most common way is striking, in general, if the knock, hear voice more clear, the product of pottery and porcelain porcelain coefficent is higher, its quality is better. In addition, you can also use your fingers to hold the product and gently tap into the product. The sounds made by the best products are clearer and crisp.

Second, the scraping

Check the quality of the products from the traces of ceramic products. Check the entire surface of the ceramic products, can easily determine its overall quality, light scratched the surface of the ceramic products, if you can leave some impression, then it shows that the product quality is not good enough.


Observe the color saturation of the whole ceramic product and the degree of formation of the product. The color of the ceramic appearance appears clearer, which is generally better. And if you look at the whole flatness, it looks very comfortable from the side, and the overall quality is good.

In choosing ceramic products, it is necessary to consider the above factors. Of course, it is also necessary to integrate the actual needs of the whole, choose the more appropriate brand, and choose the higher quality products.