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The Difference Between Pottery Tea Sets And Porcelain Tea Sets

- Sep 02, 2017 -

1. The use of raw materials is different. Pottery tea sets can be made from ordinary clay, and porcelain tea tools need to select specific materials to make a blank on the high green. The temperature at which the temperature is needed for pottery can become pottery, such as the ancient white pottery. In the heat of the clay, the body of the clay was made of porcelain. But generally blank made of pottery clay, burning up to 1200 ℃, can't be porcelain, be burning-out of vitreous.

The firing temperature is different. Ceramic tea set sintering temperature is generally lower than China, even the lowest reach below 800 ℃, the highest can reach 1100 ℃ or so; Porcelain tea set of the sintering temperature is more high, mostly in 1200 ℃ above, some even reached about 1400 ℃.

3. The glaze is different. Pottery tea has two kinds of glazed and glazed, glazed pottery glaze can melt when it is burnt to a low temperature. There are two kinds of glaze for porcelain tea ware, which can be burned at a high temperature and at a high temperature.

4. The stiffness is different. The ceramic tea wares are heated to a low temperature, the body is not fully sintered, the sound is stuffy, the tire is poor, some can even use the steel knife to trace the gutter; Porcelain tea sets are heated to a high temperature, the body is sintered with basic sintering, and the sound is clear when it is struck, and the surface of the fetus is difficult to trace the groove with a general steel knife.