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The Production Process Of Daily-use Ceramics

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The production process of daily-use ceramics

The production process of daily-use ceramics The production process of daily-use ceramic products refers to the whole process starting from the input of raw materials until the production of ceramic products. It is a process in which workers use certain tools of labor and act on the objects of labor directly or indirectly in accordance with certain methods and steps to make them into valuable ceramic products. In some processes in the ceramic production process, such as the ceramic billets, blanks, natural drying process. Also need to use the role of natural forces. So that physical or chemical changes in the work object, this time, the production process is a combination of labor and natural processes. In general, the ceramic production process includes blank manufacturing, blank molding, porcelain sintering three basic stages. At the same time the composition of the ceramic production process can be divided into different stages of production according to the different stages of production and technical preparation process, the basic production process, auxiliary production process and production service process.

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