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The Rest Part For The Ceramic Dinneraware Classification

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The Rest Part for the Ceramic Dinneraware Classification

3, strengthen porcelain tableware

Strengthen the porcelain is high quality porcelain clay with aluminum and other ingredients and then by 1300 degrees Celsius around the fire burning, so that they re-crystallization combination, magnetization into a material, resistance to collision is its housekeeping skills. Glazed milky white, delicate feel. Strengthen the porcelain glaze than magnesite to strengthen the dark, in the disinfection tableware market using the tableware has been gradually replaced by magnesia porcelain and magnesia porcelain.

4, Beige porcelain tableware

Beige porcelain with high white clay high white glaze and shell powder by scientific formula, after more than 1,200 degrees Celsius high temperature firing, and then painted, and then on a glaze, after a second high temperature firing makes it non-toxic , Lead-free, harmless and never fade, not broken, suitable for dishwasher washing. Beige porcelain tableware glazed white with blue, suitable for middle and low ceramic tableware users.

5, color glazed tableware

Color glaze porcelain is in the product is not fired directly before the embryo painted on the pattern, after a high temperature firing. Belonging to the underglaze color ceramic, porcelain pattern for artificial painting, with artistic value. Is a different style with the above porcelain tableware products, for the need for special tableware disinfection center to provide more choices.