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Pay Attention To The Ceramic Dinnerware Color

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Pay attention to the Ceramic Dinnerware Color

Ceramic tableware on the inner wall of the painting although the bright colors, but the color glaze contains lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metal elements. Among them, cadmium and lead easily lead to liver or other visceral poisoning, mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. Ceramic glaze more, the more bright colors, lead, cadmium and other compounds on the more.

Health advice: choose ceramic tableware do not value the pattern, especially do not use the inner wall with painted dishes. Newly bought tableware can be first placed in vinegar soak 2 to 3 hours to dissolve the harmful substances in the glaze. In addition, porcelain do not put in the microwave heating.

Underglaze color porcelain the most secure, pattern color more blue and green, less red and yellow

Underglaze color is the first on the paint, and then glaze, and then directly high temperature firing, because there is no need for low melting point material, so the pigment does not need to add lead, the pigment is not easy to precipitate, the most safe; glaze color is glazed , And then on the pigment, and then high temperature firing, no lead, paint more difficult to precipitate, relatively safe.

Underglaze color pattern with the local feel as smooth as other places, gloss is very good, and glaze color is between the two, although the gloss is better, but the feel is not smooth.