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China Ceramic Sanitary Increased Slowly Since 2016

- Nov 07, 2017 -

China Ceramic Sanitary increased slowly since 2016

Over the past year or so, the growth rate of real estate investment has slowed down. Since the reform of housing reform in 1998, the real estate industry in China, which has maintained rapid growth and rapid price increases, has already bid farewell to its golden age in the face of the continuous decline of the market and the hard-to- Real estate sales area and sales fell. Reflecting the real estate market in our country has entered a new normal, the government is more rational about the property market policy and will pay more attention to market regulation.

With the real estate market entering a new normal, building ceramics and sanitary ware enterprises have experienced varying degrees of slowdown in market demand growth, oversupply of production capacity, increased inventory, serious default, financing difficulties, high financing costs, pressure on environmental protection and technological transformation Increase labor costs rapidly increased, corporate profitability weakened, business into difficulties and other issues.

Overall, the national sanitary ceramics market supply and demand basically tends to balance, ceramic sanitary ware production and marketing situation is still better than hardware and sanitary ware production enterprises. According to data from Industry Analysis Institute of Production and Marketing Analysis of Sanitary Ceramics Industry released by Prospect Industry Research Institute, the consumption of sanitary ceramics in 2016 was 153 million pieces, up by 47.5% over 2010, and the consumption of sanitary ceramics in 2017 is expected to reach 162 million pieces , Health ceramic products sales will reach 71.5 billion yuan.