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The Advantage Of Daily-Use Ceramics

- Nov 13, 2017 -

The advantage of Daily-Use Ceramics

Daily porcelain has long been loved and used by the general public as it has the following advantages:

First, easy to clean and clean. Daily glazed porcelain bright, delicate, easy to wash after using the stain.

Second, better thermal stability, heat transfer slowly. Daily meal with a certain temperature difference of rapid quenching changes not easy to burst performance. This is superior to glassware, it is a poor conductor of heat, heat transfer slowly. Used to hold boiling water or hot food, take the side when not too hot.

Third, the chemical properties are stable and durable. This is better than metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum and other superior, daily use of porcelain has some acid, alkali, salt and carbon dioxide gas erosion of the atmosphere, not easy to react with these substances, do not rust aging.

Fourth, very little porcelain porcelain, water absorption is very low. With daily porcelain storage of food, sealed tightly, to prevent evaporation of water in food, infiltration and external bacterial abuse.

Fifth, rich and colorful painted decoration, especially high temperature glaze and blue-green decoration and other lead poisoning hazards, can be bold to use, very popular with people.

Of course, daily necessities also fly in the ointment. The biggest weakness is low impact strength, impatient throw touch, easy to damage, is a fragile product. In addition, in general, it is not suitable for direct fire cooking cooker, and some are also not resistant to cooking.