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Important Standards Of Daily-Use Ceramic

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Important Standards of Daily-Use Ceramic

(A) lead dissolution, cadmium dissolution

Daily ceramic products related to human health indicators are mainly lead, cadmium and other heavy metal elements of the dissolution. In the glaze color products, underglaze color products, colored glaze porcelain, white porcelain lead dissolution, cadmium release little or almost no, the vast majority of glaze color products of lead dissolution, cadmium dissolution is also very low, in the National standards within the control. A very small number of glaze color products using poor quality paint, or in the design of the face of lead, cadmium high pigment dosage is too large, or roasting temperature, ventilation is not enough, the amount of lead elution, cadmium dissolution will exceed the national standard The maximum allowable limit.

(B) microwave adaptability, adaptability of the refrigerator to the microwave, refrigerator to oven adaptability

This indicator is GB / T 3532-2009 "daily use of porcelain," the consumer daily use of pottery products are closely related indicators is to indicate whether the product is suitable for use in microwave ovens, the characteristic indicators.

Because daily ceramic products have a certain degree of water absorption, after using the product body will absorb some moisture during the use of microwave ovens in the process of using water vaporization may cause the product cracking or damage. A very few products may vaporize water too fast, water vapor can not escape through the unglazed products, resulting in products in the microwave oven, oven burst.

(C) water absorption and thermal shock resistance

Water absorption is a characteristic index indicating the density of ceramic products after firing. The water absorption index is based on the classification of ceramic porcelain. The water absorption rate is 0.5%, 1.0% and 5.0% respectively, which are fine porcelain, general porcelain, , 10% water absorption pottery. In general, the smaller the water absorption of the product, the longer its service life.

Thermal shock resistance is to show that the ceramic products to resist the sudden change in the external temperature without cracking or no damage ability of the characteristic indicators, is an important performance indicators. Daily use of ceramic products in contact with the use of mostly heated food products, poor thermal shock resistance under the action of thermal shock can lead to product cracking or damage, the product of lower strength, may contain food crushing, resulting in Human injury.