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2017 Development Trend Of Ceramics

- Oct 20, 2017 -

2017 development trend of Ceramics

Industrial development model will be a fundamental change. Building ceramics, sanitary ware industry for more than 30 years to increase the amount of the main model has ended, industrial development is from the incremental capacity of the main shift to optimize the adjustment of the stock, do excellent and stronger incremental coexistence. The future industry to product brand, quality, service as the core of the connotation of innovation and development into a leading. Brand awareness, product innovation and strong, product quality distinctions, sales network and business model of the new business, only with the ability to sustainable development.

Industry technical progress focused on energy-saving emission reduction technology, innovative design, product innovation research and development areas. Including high-pressure forming, high-pressure forming, automatic control and intelligent, waste heat utilization, clean coal gas, waste new products, a variety of pollution sources to co-governance , 3D printing, computer-aided design, ceramic building decoration integrated design and other modern production technology and equipment.

Building ceramics, sanitary ware product development will be towards the green, functional, fashion direction. Anti-static tiles, self-cleaning tiles, heat storage, storage building ceramics, health tiles, imitation stone and imitation wood tiles, water-saving sanitary ware, smart bathroom And other functional products, will become the mainstream direction of future products