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The Second Kind Of Ceramic Dinnerware

- Oct 30, 2017 -

2, magnesia reinforced porcelain tableware

Ceramic tableware

Magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware, is the use of magnesia powder and high feldspar powder as the main raw material, in 1340 degrees Celsius from the high temperature firing, its high strength, low brittleness, high whiteness, glazed smooth, life Is 3-5 times the ordinary ceramic, all the porcelain for daily use as the ideal product for disinfection tableware. Although the cost of a single piece of products than white porcelain and ordinary reinforcement porcelain about 25% higher, but its long life, low damage rate, high grade image is good, the actual total accumulation of tableware instead of less than 50%. Porcelain noble and elegant, glazed smooth and soft, with high temperature, quenching cold, high temperature, difficult to scratch and other characteristics, and does not contain lead and other chemical substances, is pollution-free green tableware, green tableware, is a modern hotel, Disinfection tableware company's preferred ceramic tableware products, won the praise users.

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