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How To Choose The Exquisite Ceramic Dinnerware?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

How to choose the exquisite Ceramic Dinnerware?

Buy porcelain can be, "listen", "than", "test" three, the specific method is as follows: "see" is to look inside and outside the porcelain fine observation. See whether the porcelain glaze is smooth and smooth, with or without scratches, holes, black spots and bubbles; two look at the shape is structured, with or without deformation; three to see whether the loss of the screen; four see the bottom is smooth, The


Is to listen to gently play the sound when playing porcelain. Such as crisp sound, sweet, then the porcelain fine compact, no cracks in the high temperature firing, porcelain completely, the quality is better.


Is the comparison. Matching porcelain, to compare the accessories, to see its shape and screen decoration is consistent. Especially the set of blue and white or blue and white exquisite porcelain, because blue and white color with the firing temperature varies, so the same is blue and white porcelain, the color has a deep shallow, a set of dozens of pieces and even dozens of sets of cold porcelain, such as pieces Blue and white color was significantly different, this set of porcelain is much less.


Is the test cover, test equipment, test. Some porcelain with a lid, and some porcelain by a few components combined into the selection of porcelain, do not forget to cover the cover look, the components try to see if the assembly is appropriate.

Through the above three methods, you know what kind of ceramic tableware better. If you choose online shopping, then we must choose the stock can be unconditionally returned, so even if there are problems you can return to reduce their losses.