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The Tips For Buy Ceramic Dinnerware

- Oct 25, 2017 -

● For the ceramic tableware containing food, should pay attention to the surface with the food decoration.

● For the use of ceramic dishes containing acidic food, should try to use the surface decoration patterns less products.

● Note that the color of the pattern is bright, if not bright, may be baked flowers temperature does not meet the requirements of such ceramic tableware products lead and cadmium dissolution is often higher.

● pay special attention to those hand can wipe the pattern of ceramic tableware, this product lead and cadmium high dissolved.

● Do not worry about the ceramic tableware, vinegar can be soaked for several hours, if found to have significant changes in color should be abandoned.

● Optional microwave oven products, should avoid the metal decoration products, such as with Phnom Penh, silver or gold flower paper, metal wire, wire mosaic pattern of products.